Opera " Fidelio "
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Opera " Fidelio "

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Fidelio" is the only opera composed by Beethoven.
Based on love, it is a story of liberating people and winning their freedom.

In this performance, the mothers represent all the people who were being held captive.
And it is not the ministers who announce the release, but the children who are the future.
The story is told by the narrator as an event to be inscribed in time.

Act I
In order to save her imprisoned husband, his wife Leonore takes the name Fidelio and infiltrates the prison.
The jailer, Jaquino, wants to marry Marzelline, the daughter of the jailer, Rocco, but she refuses because she is crazy about Fidelio. But Fidelio is really a woman named Leonore. She is working for Rocco in disguise to save her husband Florestan. Leonore is torn between the misunderstanding father and daughter and her mission.
Police warden Pizarro decides to kill Florestan, who he has locked up in the dungeon, to protect his own position.

Act II
Leonore exposes the wickedness of Pizzaro and frees the prisoners.
Leonore follows Rocco to the dungeon and finds her husband in chains.
Pizarro comes and tries to stab Florestan to death, but Leonore reveals herself as his wife and pulls a gun on Pizarro.
Pizarro's evil is exposed, and the captives rejoice at the coming of justice and their release.

Piccola Opera di Sapporo “Fidelio“ (Performed in Japanese)
Composed by L.v. Beethoven, Adapted by Tomoko Iwakawa
Translated and arranged by Tomoko Iwakawa
Venue: Sapporo Sun-plaza Concert hall (N24W5, Kita-ku, Sapporo)

Organizing: Piccola Opera di Sapporo
4-1, S11W9, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan 0640811
Tel. (+81)11-211-0471
Fax. (+81)11-211-0472
Supporting: Sapporo City, Sapporo city Board of Education

The Actors

Narrator Takashi Ishinabe
Leonore Kumi Matsuda
Floristen Makoto Tanaka (Special guest singer)
Marzelline Mami Igarashi
Jaquino Teppei Yasuda
Rocco Masato Noritake
Pizarro Toshiaki Nakahara
The prisoners Chieko Tanaka, Marina Chiba, Yukiko Kawana, Mari Kuramoto, Noriko Hagiwara, Aina Yamazaki, Etsuko Yusa, Mariko Ishida
Children Shoko Kubota, Boys and Girls Choir

Chamber music

Conductor : Makiko Tokioka
Vaiolin : Hikaru Hayashi
Violin chello : Junko Fujita
Piano : Masuko Tsuchiya
Keyboard : Saori Iwai

Music director : Tomoko Iwakawa
Director : Kunihito Nakatsu


Stage Manager : Yukiko Sakamoto
Lighting : Masakazu Takahashi
Costume coordination : Akiyo, Kakuko Okamoto
Have make : Tomoko Sasaki

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